The Craft of Government

Providing the highest quality programs and services to Canadians depends upon a skilled and knowledgeable public sector. The Government of Canada values continuous learning unique to the public service and the craft of government. In collaboration with partners across the federal public service, the Government of Canada and Public Sector Skills business line offers a wide range of classroom and online products and tools tailored to the learning needs of public servants in various fields and related to working within a public sector context. The business line focuses on foundational learning for employees new to the public service and those seeking to maintain second language skills; developmental learning for recently appointed supervisors and managers; and all learning related to specialized functions such as human resources, finance, and procurement.

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Becoming a Supervisor

Course2 hrs 30 mins

Learn more about about the role and key responsibilities of a supervisor in the public service, how to work with a team, and how to become an effective leader.

In this course, learners will be introduced to speechwriting as a unique form of writing, one that is not typically used in a public servant’s work. Learners will begin with a brief exploration of how speechwriting differs from other forms of writing, and then dive into the unique research requirements for drafting a professional-quality speech, and the unique approach  to developing speeches.  Participants will learn to use powerful rhetorical devices and speech structures to form persuasive speeches. They will learn to use storytelling and number treatments to tell the stories that the Government wants to tell. Finally, learners will examine the unique roles that speechwriters play as  speaking coach, event planner, and member of the speaker’s trusted inner-circle. 

This course provides an overview of operations and maintenance best practices with a focus on corrective, preventive, and predictive infrastructure requirements and commissioning for existing buildings.

Tags: Employees, Materiel Management Specialists, Real Property Specialists, Personal Development, Personal and Team Development, Procurement, Online Self-Paced, All.

Energy Efficiency Expert Evaluation (E4) is a multidisciplinary evaluation process for identifying and implementing low-cost solutions to improve operational performance and reduce energy costs. This course has been adapted from training material for the US Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program and is being delivered through the Natural Resources Canada's Greening Government Services. Participants will gain the basic tools and knowledge required to conduct inspections of federal facilities.

Tags: Employees, Real Property Specialists, Procurement, Online, Self-Paced, Energy Efficiency Expert Evaluations, All.

To support Canada’s goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, federal facilities have committed to taking practical steps to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions from their operations. This course has been adapted from training material for the US Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program and is being delivered through Natural Resources Canada's Greening Government Services. Participants will learn how to plan and implement projects that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in their buildings, laboratories, other facilities and vehicle fleets.

Tags: Employees, Real Property Specialists, Procurement, Online Self-Paced, Implementing Deep Retrofits, Online. Learning, GcSkills, All.

In this course, you will learn strategies for creating and maintaining high performance buildings. The course focuses on fundamentals for improving sustainability in a Federal facility: optimizing energy performance, protecting and conserving water, using environmentally preferable products and materials, and enhancing indoor environmental quality. 

Tags: Gc Skills; self paced learning; online learning; Federal facility; optimizing energy performance; improve sustainability; Sustainable strategies; All.

This module provides a clear understanding of the application and requirements of the legislative framework that governs staffing in the federal public service as well as the links between staffing and the other human resources disciplines. It also presents the vision of staffing in the federal public service and addresses the delegation of staffing authorities. This module is intended for human resources advisors, managers and all public service employees who are responsible for or are interested in staffing.

Tags: Course; GC and Public Sector Skills; Staffing; Human Resources; HR; Advisors; Managers; Employees.

This 5 to 8-hour, self-paced online course gives you the foundation you need. Learn more about your new role and key responsibilities, how to work with a team, and how to become an effective leader.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • recognize the importance of emotional intelligence in the establishment of good working relationships
  • describe the six key leadership competencies that are necessary for leaders in the public service of Canada
  • manage team performance to meet expected results
  • create an environment that promotes engagement and trust.

Tags: Course; GC and Public Sector Skills; Supervise; Leadership; Human Resources; HR; Manage; Supervisor.

All public servants are required to contribute actively to the protection of government personnel, information, assets and services. This online course provides the foundational knowledge and tools required to meet your responsibilities under the Directive on Departmental Security Management. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and best practices to help them apply the principles of security awareness in their organization.

Tags: Course; GC and Public Sector Skills; Security; Government; Information; Awareness; All.

It is important that all new and experienced public servants have a foundational understanding of how Canada's non-partisan federal public service serves the democratically elected government of the day. This online course examines the functions and the organizational relationships between Parliament, the Government of Canada and the federal public service. Participants will explore the role of government, how Canada governs itself, the organization of the federal government, the functions of departments and central agencies and common government services.

Tags: Course; GC and Public Sector Skills; How Government Works; Public Service; Orientation; Employee.