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Digital technology has transformed all sectors, and government is no exception.

The CSPS Digital Academy exists to help public servants develop the mindset, knowledge and skills to operate in a digital era government. The academy offers foundational, context-setting learning offerings in digital and data, as well as hands-on skill development in agile, cloud, cyber security, and trending technology topics like artificial intelligence.

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This section is a repository of videos included in the CSPS Digital Academy micro-course entitled How to be Digital in the Canadian Public Service. Please see the course page to register.

Canadians are expecting products and services to be intuitive, easy to use and at pace with their ever-changing needs. We too, as public servants, have to change the way we work to become more adaptable and focused on clients and customers, no matter the field we’re working in.

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As a designer, you need to go beyond the obvious if you want to create better experiences; that’s where you can surprise and delight.

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It's time to prepare the public service to lead by example and become a model of accessibility for others, in Canada and abroad.

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These ten evergreen principles set the standard for how government will work in the digital age in the name of improved service delivery.

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Lack of data isn’t a problem. In fact, it’s the opposite: there’s often too much information available from too many different sources to make a clear decision. Learn about different types of data, how-to organize data, and how to leverage data for business analysis.

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