Transferable Skills

The public service is evolving, and with that comes the need for developing skillsets and mindsets for the future of work. To seize this opportunity, we need an agile, responsive and results-focused public service. This will mean focusing on transferable skills such as collaboration, creative thinking, communication, problem solving, and a growth mindset. We are the Canada School of Public Service’s Transferable Skills team and we hope to be able to help with this. We are a multidisciplinary, virtual team focused on curating, developing, and delivering high quality learning in areas such as project management, public engagement, navigating change, working in virtual teams, coaching for effective leadership, and briefings and presentations, to name but a few. We want to help public servants further develop skillsets and mindsets that are portable inside, outside, and across the Government of Canada – to build a public service that is kinetic, connected, and collaborative.

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Project Management Podcast Series


In today's federal public service, successful project delivery is no longer just about being on time and within budget. It is about planning and executing projects in an agile way, with new roles, responsibilities and expectations for project leaders. This podcast series is designed with and for public service leaders to enable and support projects that deliver real benefits.