The purpose of this template is to help you to write a public engagement strategy. Capturing your strategy on paper will help you to consider who else should be involved, your capacity to deliver, and who has expertise or advice to offer. It will help with a shared understanding of goals and anticipated outcomes between various people and organizations involved in your project, along with briefings and securing necessary approvals.

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Cet outil simple et puissant utilisé en coaching, aidera à atteindre le bon équilibre travail-vie personnelle.

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How Positive Space training in the public service is helping to create an environment in which LGBTQ+ employees feel safe to be themselves.

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The Government of Canada is constantly looking for new ways to train public servants in an innovative and modern way. The launch of a series of podcasts by and for the federal public service, focused on innovation, will allow public servants to learn about innovative projects and processes.

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In today's federal public service, successful project delivery is no longer just about being on time and within budget. It is about planning and executing projects in an agile way, with new roles, responsibilities and expectations for project leaders. This podcast series is designed with and for public service leaders to enable and support projects that deliver real benefits. 

Listen to the podcasts.

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The Prime Ministers Series—a partnership between the University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute and the Canada School of the Public Service—highlights transformative policy initiatives of Canadian Prime Ministers. The purpose of this annual event is to inform, educate and inspire policy makers and public service leaders to conceive and deliver change.

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