Video - Digital, Data & Open Policy Making (Panel)

Policy analysts are increasingly working in the open, engaging people with lived experience, education and knowledge about the policy area within which they are working.  What does open policy making look like in the digital age? What could it become and how might we get there? 

Host: Laura Wesley, Executive Director, Public Engagement and Marketing, Privy Council Office 

Guests: Rosshane Vignarajah, Senior Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General, Kevin Arjoon, Municipal Clerk for Halifax Regional Municipality, Deepika Grover, Policy Advisor, Privy Council Office


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Speaker bios:

Laura Wesley, Executive Director, Public Engagement And Marketing, Privy Council Office

Laura’s knowledge of, and interest in, systems change, design, and human motivation form a lens through which to consider new ways of working together. After more than 15 years working in the federal public service, she's come to believe that working across boundaries – sectors, disciplines and organizations – results in better outcomes for everyone. In guiding individuals and teams, Laura shows an unwavering commitment to supporting people through change. 

Rosshane Vignarajah, Senior Stakeholder Engagement Advisor, Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General

Rosshane is a community engager with a passion for building meaningful and responsive public services for Ontarians, particularly with populations living in at-risk situations. Currently, she is a Senior Stakeholder Engagement Advisor with the Ministry of the Solicitor General, where she is supporting the integrated engagement approach taken across Correctional Services. Previously, she has worked in Youth Justice, focusing on the use of research and engagement to uncover best practices that can improve the outcomes of youth in the system. And prior to that, she was a part of Ontario's Open Government team, where she worked on fostering a culture change of "openness", and building capacity around Ontario's efforts to purposefully and inclusively engage with the public. Rosshane is also the current Chair of Tamils in Public Service (TiPS), which is a non-partisan network working to build bridges within the public service and strengthening the community’s capacity to be civically engaged. Rosshane holds a Masters in Public Administration from Queen’s University, and is interested in race- and gender-based issues, and social inclusion. You can find her chattering away on Twitter: @rosh_vr.

Kevin Arjoon, Municipal Clerk for Halifax Regional Municipality

In this role, Arjoon is the Clerk of Council, and the Returning Officer for recent elections. Arjoon started his career in Mississauga, working in Vital Statistics, and then in Legislative Services. He has served as Deputy City Clerk for the City of Peterborough and the City of Kingston. Arjoon is a proponent of open government and has worked to remove barriers towards participation. As Municipal Clerk, Arjoon created Halifax’s first campaign finance by-law, upgraded the Halifax Council Chamber broadcast system and its meeting management software, and worked with the Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs & Housing on several technical amendments to the Municipal Elections Act of Nova Scotia. Arjoon graduated from the University of Toronto, Trinity College, with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science. Arjoon has completed the Municipal Administration Program, offered by the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario.

Deepika Grover, Policy Advisor, Privy Council Office

Deepika is one of Canada’s Free Agents, currently on assignment at the Privy Council Office. She holds expertise in both policy and applied creativity (i.e. group dynamics and problem-solving). Her focus is on how to deliver policy innovation and open policy-making in a digital world. She’s explored many facets of this, including working with design-informed approaches, participatory methods and new digital tools. 


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