Podcast : Building Nation-to-Nation Relationships

Consultation with Indigenous peoples has often existed separate and apart from public engagement in the Canadian context. How do we understand Indigenous rights, and our obligations to respect these rights? In this conversation, we look at the development of the duty-to-consult, moving beyond the legal minimum and what practices and protocols engagement practitioners need to understand to establish meaningful relationships with Indigenous partners.

Host: Laura Wesley, Executive Director, Public Engagement and Marketing, Privy Council Office 

Guest: Georgina Lloyd, Senior Director - Consultation and Accommodation Unit, Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

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Speaker bios:

Laura Wesley

Laura’s knowledge of, and interest in, systems change, design, and human motivation form a lens through which to consider new ways of working together. After more than 15 years working in the federal public service, she's come to believe that working across boundaries – sectors, disciplines and organizations – results in better outcomes for everyone. In guiding individuals and teams, Laura shows an unwavering commitment to supporting people through change.

Georgina Lloyd

Georgina Lloyd is the Senior Director for the Consultation and Accommodation Unit at the department of Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. Her team supports federal officials in fulfilling obligations for the Government of Canada's duty to consult by providing guidance, training, systems and other tools. This effort derives from the Constitution of Canada and aligns with renewing the relationship with Indigenous peoples, based on recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnership. Ms. Lloyd has a background in environmental science and is part of a  cohort for a federal Aboriginal Leadership Initiative. She has more than fifteen years of experience leading policy development and program delivery in the federal public service where she has been able to bring consultation skills into practice.


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