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Mobile testing repository

This course is just for testing pages in different devices without forcing devs to login to their accounts using different devices.

C385 the Craft of Speechwriting in the Public Service

In this course, learners will be introduced to speechwriting as a unique form of writing, one that is not typically used in a public servant’s work. Learners will begin with a brief exploration of how speechwriting differs from other forms of writing, and then dive into the unique research requirements for drafting a professional-quality speech, and the unique approach to developing speeches. Participants will learn to use powerful rhetorical devices and speech structures to form persuasive s...
C385 Speechwriting

Landing page test

This course is only active so that RIW team members who do not have admin account on OL can see the link. It will be updated in the future.
Landing Page

Positive Space Initiative: 2SLGBTQI+ Awareness (INC111)

DESCRIPTION Diversity and inclusion are essential for building a modern, high-performing public service. This course introduces the concepts, terminology and vocabulary related to gender and sexual diversity, as well as the importance of Positive Space and how to become an ally. Participants will discuss issues relevant to the 2SLGBTQI+ communities and learn to contribute to a safer, more inclusive public service. TOPICS INCLUDE: * reviewing terminology and vocabulary * exploring 2SLGBTQI+ hi...
Positive Space Initiative: 2SLGBTQI+ Awareness (INC111)

Project Management in a Government Context

This online self-paced course presents the subject of project management in the context of the Government of Canada (GC). The course provides an orientation to the Treasury Board’s Policy on the Planning and Management of Investments and Directive on the Management of Projects and Programmes and reviews the roles and responsibilities involved in carrying out projects in the federal government.
PM in a Government Context